What Generation Are You?

What Generation Are You
  • Boomer I 1946-1954
  • Boomer II 1955-1965
  • Gen X 1966-1976
  • Gen Y/Millenials 1977-1994
  • Gen Z 1995-2012

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I categorize myself in a weird place. My grandparents are “pre boomers” born during World War II. I was raised by them.

So I have some old fashioned cultural values in addition to some of the more modern values common to my fellow millennials.


I am a millennial, albeit one of the older ones.

I’m interested where the age breakdowns came from for this? When I do research, I typically call Gen-X 1965-1980 and millennials 1981-1996.

There’s such a difference between a 40 year old (me) and a 28 year old around technology. I grew up with no internet but entered the workforce with internet - I think this has a major impact on preferred communication style.

I was going to include that group (Post War Cohorts 1928-1945) but I could only have 5 poll choices.

I noticed that there is variation on the years depending on what site you go to.


“Traditionalists” is the oft-used term for this group of pre-boomers.

Silent Generation is probably the most frequently used term for this generation.

I was born right at the cusp of Generation X. My older brother was a Boomer.

Why did you split boomer into two groups?

I was born in 77 and I’m fairly sure I’m Gen X. Heck, I’ve even read the novel that popularized the term.

I of course being 63 am a boomer.



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Generation X, born end of 67.

The Silent Generation - 1925-1945.

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Gen Y according to the poll in the OP, Gen X according to many other sites, but I’m too old to be the former and too young to be the latter.

I prefer Oregon Trail Generation.

They all should be as far as I’m concerned. 20 years is a long time frame.

Boomer II ia also known as Generation Jones (As in "keeping up with the Jones’s)

About twenty years is the customary span of a generation when using generations to measure time. In fact, that’s on the low side.

D generation (Lone Rangers reference)