What Exactly Is "Heaven"?

The afterlife doesnt seem to be discussed much in terms of its actual qualities. What exactly is heaven? Some say it is being “with God”. At the same time, claim that God is incomprehensible.

Are we human like in heaven? Can we talk to God in heaven? Can I still watch NFL in heaven?

We’re going to be so busy singing and praising God that there won’t be any time for anything else. It’ll kind of be like Church, but without the sermon, and it lasts forever.

I wouldnt mind having eternally good health, the ability to forget something by pushing a button, and still be a human, wake up every day eat food do the naughty then go to sleep. Basically fulfill my animal instincts with no consequence. And have time, resources and health to do what I want. But that kind of power would be sort of terrifying. Being human is pretty cool when everything is going well