What does this mean?

What is ‘shutdown money’?

Who knows what this idiot is thinking? Someone needs to take his phone away during these holidays. He is just going to continue to make things worse and worse for our nation.

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Who cares. Seriously.

People who expect the President of the United States to make sense…

I realize that does not include Trump’s faithful.

Is Trump still stuck at the White House?

The longer he’s stuck twiddling his thumbs in DC and not on the golf course in Florida, the more insane his twitter posts will be.

Soon he’ll throw his hands in the air and tell someone else to deal with it.


The Government is saving money while it’s shut down. If we close the government long enough we’ll have enough money saved up to pay for the wall. Good thinking trump.


Are his tweets created by a semi-literate bot?

He’s trying to spin his way out of the ■■■■ storm he’s got himself into without admitting the totally ■■■■■■ up. Acting like a toddler, as usual.

If there is 25 Billion in the budget for “border security” that amount doesn’t include building a wall or walls needed in portions of the border. It’s not hard to understand!

Just like “Hope & Change” was a metaphor, (mysterious meaning) the “Build the Wall” metaphor has a more straight forward meaning as in… secure the border!!!

Might not need a wall if tanking the market dissuades those job stealing illegals.

Everyone knew the wall want going to be built. We just want the border more secure that it already is.

Wouldn’t a metaphorical wall be a lot cheaper than $25B? And you can make it as tall as you want!


I’m on board for a metaphorical wall. It’s less stupid.


It means the dog ate his homework.

At this point, I’m sure Trump would be more than happy if everybody just pretended that we had a wall so that he could shuttle his fat butt down to Mar-a-Lago.

This is a joke, right?

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Trump didn’t know his eggnog was spiked.

Shutdown money.



I never joke.


Every previous shutdown has COST the government money.

Government can’t spend money if it’s closed down. We’re saving billions of dollars every day.