What does this mean? Message from "system"

It appears that “system” edited my post or something but it looks exactly correct to me.


I think the system edits your picture to comply with image size and file size constraints.

Thanks. It was just a picture included with the quote function so that didn’t even cross my mind.

And now the entire thread is gone. Why? It was all civil and stuff…………

From my limited experience on this forum it would be easier to get D Trump to explain quantum physics than to try to explain the rationale of why a topic or response is deleted. I am sure there is a sound reason for such deletions; but it is beyond my ken.

I don’t believe for one second that there is always a sound reason.

Its ridiculous that when a post is deleted you are not given the reason why. I am not saying open up a discussion but at least tell the poster the reason why.

I have gotten notifications for that once or twice, but in this case the entire thread has disappeared. I don’t remember anything controversial going on in it, it was rather calm.

It was calm.

I did pop something controversial in there related to Colin Kaepernick but I didn’t see it as being TOO controversial…only challenging.

If that got it deleted- sorry.

I doubt that was it lol.

Thread was deleted because the op was a tweet with “I guess it’s no longer an issue now.”

Got it, thanks.

Are we not suppose to write I at all, or respond to a message that says I?

Also are we not suppose to write the word you, or respond to a message that says you?

Does the system message pop up if any of this happens?