What does Pelosi stand for?

I heard Sean ask what does Nancy stand for. Well I can’t believe you don’t know, it is so obvious. She stands for heroin, murder , rape. She is most likely making a cut from all the drug cartels. They won’t let her vote for a wall. That would explain all the needles and feeces on the streets of her district. She won’t be happy till the rest of America is just like that.

Lots of angry trump supporters today after Pelosi pimp slapped fat donald.


Co-equal branches of government.

A concept this administration and some in the Congress have forgotten.

“Pimp Pelosi”. Makes sense now.
During her address tonight, she was babbling several female names in between her brain short circuits. I was wondering what she was mumbling about.

Nancy 1
Dotard 0

What does Trump stand for? He stands for drugs, murder, prostitution, rape, gun smuggling, extortion. He most likely making a cut from rich Oligarchs associated with the mafia groups from Russia and former Soviet block countries. That would explain all the drugs, underground human trafficking, the smuggling of arms, etc. in mostly all our major cities including and especially in his home town of NYC.

See I can play this game too.


Nancy doesn’t stand. She sits and rolls her tongue across her mouth while she stews over Trump. I don’t think her internal psyche or teeth could withstand another SOTUA.

One thing she does not stand for the wall and that’s why Trump is looking like a fool.

Paul Ryan stopped all funding for the wall to protect the sweet GOP heroin $$$$ flowing into the RNC.

I think it’s 2-0.

Trump is a horrible negotiator. He only has one move.

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While New York City and Los Angeles have the highest numbers of homeless people in the US, San Francisco has the highest rate of street homelessness nationwide. On any given night, more than 4,300 citizens sleep without a roof over their heads.

But not even this knowledge could prepare Farha for what she witnessed in January.

In the city’s core, homeless residents were denied basic access to water, toilets, and sanitation facilities. There were piles of trash and scattered feces on the ground. In the neighboring camps in Oakland, rats dug through the mud and families huddled outside in the cold. The experience, she said, shook her to her core.

Projection unfounded. San Francisco is dying. Trumps border plan can save it.


I forgot to answer the question. When you enter Pelosi in Babel translator it comes back as Dr. Know…No matter which language is selected…odd it is.


San Francisco has the highest per capita income in the nation.

The bay area’s GDP (just the Bay Area) is greater than that 35 states.

It’s nice. It’s good to see a guy who grabs women by the ■■■■■ have his testicles casually crushed by a 78 year old grandmother.