What do you think of when you see the name Reese's?

Not sure where to put this…thought I’d try here.

Just read about the death of a teenager who had a peanut allergy.

Parents are blaming the packaging of a chocolate chip cookie that had Reeses peanut butter cups in it.

If the photos in the article are to be believed - as an example of a package that the girl actually took a cookie from - the Reeses logo is right in plain view on the front of the package.

How could she not have seen it?

Complaining about it is as stupid as the milk bottles that say, after the “ingredients” the phrase, “this bottle contains milk.”


I can’t imagine how it must feel to be the parents of the friend. That said, I don’t think the company is responsible. They have a different package color and it’s clearly marked. I have a feeling in the future they may put a peanut warning on the inside of the package.

At 15 years old the person ought to be able to read the packaging and know what it says.

My youngest niece is 14 and has severe celiac disease. If she eats something with gluten she doesn’t pass go but goes directly to the hospital. She has had it her whole love and has grown up learning all the things she can’t eat.

Listen this was clearly the deep state killing this woman using Reese’s products. The butter cup people are not known for making stuff with peanuts. She was obviously going to reveal Hillary Clinton killed Seth Richards and where the secret basement is in that pizza place at the center of the pizza gate scandal. She was also going to provide proof the Trump was taped by Stormy Daniels and forced to pay her money.

Sorry I’m late here. I’m sorry to the family’s loss.

But 15 is old enough to know if it’s packaged in the U S, it must have an ingredient list. And the Reeses logo is clearly visible.

I hope they win $0.00 in any lawsuit. This blame of Reeses is ridiculous.