What do you guys think of Universal Basic Income?

Mental health is a program I’d jump on board with and I’m confident all sides of the aisle would too. I’d definitely be open to exploring new ideas because so far, government is exacerbating problems.


Money is just a convient mechanism for barter

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang supports it also.

We’re also removing jobs through outsourcing/insourcing. Companies in this country have been placing a big portion of their plants in China and other countries for extra money for share holders. Combine that with insourcing workers many in I.T. it’s difficult for there not to be a negative effect on the workers in this country. Bernie pretty much preaches the same message.

I have no issue with it for seniors or those who can’t work due to disability.

It’s cargo cultish. I see social democrats, libertarians, progressives, “centrists”, CEOs, and dime-a-dozen TED talking heads supporting it. Something with that much support makes me regard it as a faddish idea.

That is insane. Well, most socialist ideas are insane. It doesn’t matter to the true believers though!

Milton Friedman supported the notion of a negtive income tax/universal basic income. What a filthy commie!

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On the same level as ending garbage services in major metropolitan areas


It was a really bad retort to my thread. Dismissing any idea because it’s “socialistic” or “conservative” or “liberal” is quite bad argumentation.

If UBI is socialism, then Alaskan residents must be socialist, right?

We’re not necessarily talking about free money. It’s either given to us through a dividend or through a consumption tax of some sort. I think what Yang is talking about and what tech giants are talking about, is giving people money off of the profits of technological advancements.

Molyneux’s videos are rather annoying. He rants on and on for hours about things which could easily be summed up in 2-10 minutes.

How does a person get independently wealthy?

A number of ways.

Hard work.
Consistency and time.
Not having a wife and kids.

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I am for a universal income done as a fully refundable tax credit for all that get reduced based on income. Coupled with eliminating all other government income programs like social security and welfare.

Winning a lottery.
Damages from a lawsuit.
Scammimg people.

On the Alaska comparison: which I think is a good one. Alaska produces something it sells, then the money goes to its citizens. I’m fine with this same model being used to fund UBI in other areas.


“What do you guys think of Universal Basic Income?”

I think that your profile headline Thread is totally Sexist in general!!! hahaha.

It’s not Politically correct, and I can’t believe a Democrat would say such a thing!

You only seem to care about the men’s point of view in this thread I guess. lol.

I was addressing the point someone made about independent wealth disconnects a person’s time from their money. In your examples, only one really does that. Luck ( winning the lottery). If you inherit, someone else pit time in to make their fortune, you correctly stated time and consistency, not having a wife and kids may keep you independent, but not necessarily wealthy.

A UBI us just another Socialist program designed to redistribute wealth, it will never fly…

Redistribution does not exist.

  1. Absolutely.
  2. More expensive. See college education as a great example of what happens when government starts subsidizing things. Govt loans is the biggest reason college education is currently too expensive.
  3. No, because you still need to attract and retain top talent.

This is all based on flawed assumptions. If robots are getting cheaper, and more capable, what is to stop people from simply buying a couple of robots, and starting their own small factory making stuff to sell to their neighbors?

Why does the end result have to be unemployment, instead of the redistribution of capitalism and opportunity?

The fact that its not that simple.