What do Nixon, Reagan and W Bush have in common?

All 3 became POTUS by cheating.,

Nixon commits treason by interfering with the peace talks with Vietnam, LBJ finds out, and does not make it public, as he determined it would be bad for the country. it is public knowledge now

Reagan interfered in the Iran hostage crisis, by telling Iran to not let the hostages go, until after the election, and they will get a better deal. Iran released the hostages the minute after Reagan was sworn in…hello Iran Contra. The proof was recently confirmed.

W Bush creates a firestorm of BS, over the counting of the vote in FL…then the SCOTUS makes ia one time ruling…to make sure Bush wins (later after all the votes were counted in FL in an audit, it shows Bush lost) Wonder who argued that case in front of the SCOTUS…a lawyer by the name of John Roberts. Where is he now again?

Politis is a dirty messy game…but the pubs take it to a whole new level, and altered the course of America. (look at SCOTUS picks by those 3 POTUS as one example)

This nothing but a troll thread to promote arguing and get people riled up.

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