WEST COAST CHAOS: Seattle Cops ‘ABANDON’ Department Over City’s ‘Politics’

Originally published at: WEST COAST CHAOS: Seattle Cops ‘ABANDON’ Department Over City’s ‘Politics’ | Sean Hannity

Over 40 officers have left the Seattle Police Department this year alone with many others threatening to “flee the force” over a total lack of support from city officials and the Mayor’s office.

According to Fox News, younger members of the department “don’t feel appreciated” in a region struggling with rising crime, rampant drug use, and an escalating homeless crisis that has local residents on edge

“Worker bees on the street, they don’t feel appreciated. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” an inside source told Fox.

“Less officers on the streets, less safe for the citizens – and when you have all these officers you have invested all this money in and they are leaving for Tacoma, Olympia, Pierce County and Snohomish County,” Seattle Police Officers Guild Vice President Richard O’Neill said.

“I have never seen the number of officers who are leaving and the way they are leaving,” he added.

Recent statistics show there are approximately 1,400 police officers patrolling the city.

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