WEST COAST CHAOS: California Cops FURIOUS Over Laws Preventing Them from Working with ICE | Sean Hannity

A California sheriff slammed his state’s Sanctuary City guidelines this week; blasting the policies following a dangerous, high-speed car chase with a twice-deported “illegal immigrant killer.”

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People of California I think have lost their minds due to legalizing drugs. They have forgotten about laws and perpetuate the notion that no person is illegal. Ok, then what or who is in the prisons? It sure isn’t model citizens, it’s people that have broken our laws. That’s what happens when you enter the country without going through the proper channels. It is also what happens when you give aid to those violating our laws. Why are all the bleeding hearts not being arrested? That is a question I would like answered. All the people that help people violate the laws aren’t being prosecuted so they continue.

I live in Tulare County, where Officer Bourdreaux is from. This is a very agricultural area of the state, and there are mostly Republicans here. Good people, not at all druggies. But… we have lived under legal (?) control of Dems in Congress for decades. Finestein, Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown (and now his clone, Gavin Newsom).

It’s fun to antagonize us folks from California, but realize that we DO have feelings and heart, and many/most(?) DO want borders, law and order, rule of law, security and prosperity for America and for all American citizens. And yes, I firmly believe that most all want the wall.

Thanks to Sean for taking note of the struggles of our little county, Tulare County, pronounced Two-Larry County. :slightly_smiling_face: