Were US embassies under threat from Soleimani?

We did. And he assassinated two US citizens.

Never happen.

This is our president, ladies and gentlemen.

Not one to be confused with George Washington, just he opposite actually.

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The cherry tree story is a lie.

He did; impeachment.

You trusted that Obama made the right decision on that? Good to know.

Alternative fact?

No, the country trusted him to make the right decisions on that. He didn’t.

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No, it never happened.

We never landed on the moon.

LOL. That is :rofl:really lame.

Number 2

I didn’t support that. It was one of the main things I really hated about Obama’s in terms of foreign policy . Did you support that?

No. I support the Constitution.

…"Trump’s claim in a Friday interview that Soleimani was targeting four embassies before he was killed, saying: “I can reveal that I believe it would’ve been four embassies.”

“I believe” it would have been four embassies" are hedge words anyway. When Trump uses weasel words, you can safely bet that it can’t be traced to specifically proven facts.


The people deserve to know there really was an imminent threat… Some of us have children and loved ones over there being put in harm’s way.

Yes, there really was a threat. There is always a threat.

The president said the threat was imminent and that very clearly means something was in the works.

With wheezes and snorts?

And there is always “something in the works”. Which agency flew the drone?

The mob scene at the embassy in Iraq was enough justification for me to take out Soleimani on Iraqi turf.

This isn’t complicated.