Were the betrayals done to Esau and Saul God's will?

I hold the belief that God brings good out of evil, that He can work with the choices of mankind, just as He worked with the choices of Eve and Adam. The Bible acknowledges Adam and Eve made sinful choices, yet further on in Genesis another woman and man are made heroes for their own trickery and deceptions. Rebecca (Isaac’s wife) was the woman; their son, Jacob, the man.

Both Saul and Esau were God’s original choices; both were betrayed; Esau by mother and brother; Saul by his son-in-law.

What say you: Did God bless these betrayals or did God bring good out of the evil of betrayal?

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I thought Saul were the people’s choice for king, but he didn’t wait for Samuel to bless the coronation (that was one of the errors he made, IIRC), so God then chose David as king.

Even Saul and David made betrayals though- Saul with his conflicts with Samuel and David with Bathsheba.

But, I do know David repented and was a good provider for Bathsheba and their son, Solomon. Solomon went on to be one of the wisest kings the world has ever known.

I think God took something evil, and made good from it. It goes to show His mercy.

1 Samuel 1:10 Then from a flask he had with him, Samuel poured oil on Saul’s head; he also kissed him saying, "The Lord anoints you commander over his heritage. You are to govern the Lord’s people Israel, and to save them from the grasp of their enemies roundabout.

Samuel told Saul the Lord would give him signs confirming his anointing as commander over his heritage–and these signs were confirmed.

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Why do you think Esau was God’s original choice, and for what was Esau chosen?

How did David betray Saul? David spared Saul’s life at least twice.

As the first born, to Esau was the birthright and the blessing. Rebecca and Jacob deceived and conned Isaac so that both went to Jacob.

Where does God give a special blessing and birthright to the firstborn? That appears to be a human-invented tradition. God chose David who was the youngest of many brothers. God chose Joseph’s second born son for the blessing. Solomon, a progenitor of Messiah was not David’s firstborn.

God never blesses betrayal. But equally true is that if God never blessed a betrayer, He would be able to bless no one over the age of 8, apart from Jesus.

As I said, God is quite capable of working with human failings. Isaac wanted the birthright and his blessing to go to Esau. Rebecca and Jacob wanted birthright and Isaac’s blessing to go to Jacob.

Yes, David was the youngest, but this has nothing to do with an oldest son’s birthright and blessing. No deception or stealing of anything took place. David’s betrayals were not to his father or brother–but to his king and a colleague’s wife.