Were Mary Joseph and Jesus Refugees? Television commercial that equated Jesus to refugees

This commercial…

…is very upseting. Mary and Joseph went to be counted correct? They were not fleeing due to oppression, guerrillas or war lords right?

How does this commercial run being factually so wrong.

I come here not to be political, but to have you all who are way more schollarly than I tell me I am not losing my mind. That christianity has not been co-opted by refugee activism. Am I wrong? Was Jesus a refugee, or is the commercial making it up.

But they did flee to Egypt to escape King Herod.

That is a perfect example of using religion as a weapon.

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Its no different really that pols who use God to get them elected. Desantis recent ad said God made fighter Desantis.

Now I get that those of us who believe in God, we were all created by God but we dont go around putting it in job resumes which a political ad effectively is.

Honestly it doesnt really matter to me, humans alwsys and always will use religions for their own earthly ends.

Thats not what i was asking. Were they refugees?

So by that account, they were refugees? Or what we would call refugees? Because they went to Egypt to escape Herrod.

Ok. Im glad I posted this


They were fleeing to Egypt based on a message from God that their child (Jesus) was in danger.

At least this is what my mother in law claims.

IMHO they were refugees and seeking a form of political asylum.

Not quite. They went to Bethlehem to be counted. However, after the birth, an angel came to Joseph and told him to flee because Herod wanted to kill the King of the Jews. They became refugees upon their flight to Egypt.

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Wait….not like this….

They might have been but what’s coming across the border isn’t escaping Herrod. I doubt Jesus and his followers were economic migrants wearing Biden please let us in shirts funded by NGO’s.


Wokism in media. That’s how.

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I’ve always known those types as Pharisees.

If only Egypt had built a wall.

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There building one started in 2020.

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a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.
“tens of thousands of refugees fled their homes”

Jesus’ family went to Jerusalem every year to cslebrate the Paasover. The magi arrived in Jerusalem two years after Jesus birth. The celestial signs of the king’s birth had happened two years before, which is why Herod ordered to kill all those two years and younger.

The Magi gave Jesus gold which allowed them to support themselves in Egypt. I don’t know what the legal requirements of Egypt were in the first century for foreigners crossing borders to live in their land, but there is no indication that Joseph illegally entered Egypt, sneaking over the border without notifying the Egyptian state bureaucracy.
I suppose by the definition Jesus was a refugee threatened with death. But he does not appear to have been an illegal refugee. And many of the present “illegals” do not appear to be fleeing death threats. They are risking death by cartel to leave a country where their life is not being threatened, motivated by promises of latching onto the financial prosperity teat of another country others have built, instead of working to make their own communities prosperous at home.