Well, it looks like homelessness does pay!

Isn’t this special, a 165-million-dollar homeless shelter, all at the taxpayer’s expense, and here’s the best part:

Each unit is projected to cost around $600,000.

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Within 3 days of being occupied.


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If you’ve seen Dredd, you know how this “Peach Trees” high rise effort will play out.


We need judge dredd

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…and how long before it’s destroyed and no longer capable of housing anybody?


Wow, what an insult to people living paycheck to paycheck trying to keep a roof over their heads.

The place is going to be a dumpster fire in a matter of months.

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6 months or less.

Squatters haven

That’s the Left for you. The homeless and the phony asylum seekers will live better than most US taxpayers!

Its just one of a never endless series of incremental coverted reparations of excessive
spending using tax dollars of the middle and upper classes.