Welcome to Trump Town! Israel could name new Jerusalem quarter after President Trump

Big news coming from The Holy Land.

First a train station, now Israel proposes an even greater honor for Trump - naming a new quarter in Jerusalem after the President. The people of Israel are very thankful to President Trump, who is their friend and looking after their interests, unlike the scum who preceded Trump. The Czech Republic, Hungary and Honduras are following Trump and moving their embassies to Jerusalem. Trump is setting a new standard in global relations, and is saying “no” to the antisemitism of the left and the establishment.

Thank you Israel! Thank you President Trump! :israel::us::smiley::smiley::smiley:

I guess they don’t see the irony.

Trump could bring peace to the middle east and the Korean Peninsula and CNN and that type will still be all about Stormy and pee tapes.

Why stop at just naming Trump Town? Every business within the complex could pay homage to the wee-fingered maestro:

Orangeville Gardens
Big Hands, Big Straight Cakes, No Problems Elsewhere Believe Me Bakery
Fake News, Fake Tanning Salon
Twidiot Telecommunications
Grab 'em by the Kitty Pet Grooming
Look at My African-American Over Here Social Outreach Center
I’ve Only Dealt With Them a Tiny, Tiny Fraction Law Offices of Dewy, Cheatum, & Howe
Stormy Weather Massage Parlor

Another reason we should not be involved in a war between these two groups of semites.

Better than Jackson’s Hymietown