We need to be Self Sufficient Nationally

You guys are bitching about $4 a gallon gas and that’s just disassociating from Russia.

So the question was a valid one.

Globalization wasn’t a “Lib plot to take over the world”.

It happened for economic reasons.

Oh I can think of a fairly light regulatory action that could go a long way, the fed is a really big buyer of most items, if they only buy American made that should go a long way. Even better if states do the same.

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No it isn’t.

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Of course it would take time. It took decades to get to where we are now. It won’t be corrected overnight. Nor in a year. Nor even in a decade.

But it has to happen. Start now. Just start.

(Well, it won’t start now. We have leadership with the same defeatist attitude as our resident libs here.)

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Maximizing shareholder value.

And a wave of Farm Aid in the 80’s.

Sentimental claptrap. Set farmers loose and they’ll poison us all. Ranching is a low paying environmental disaster that needs massive Federal subsidy to be feasible.


Buy a “1.”

Correct. Libism is another strand of extended authoritarianism among many others in the various globalist plots to rule the globe.

With exceptions, this has already been the law since 1933.

Yeah, at 55% US Content and self certified by the manufacturer. Obviously that can be significantly expanded… Biden would appear to agree.

My point is that your suggestion is already in place.

Partially, weakly in place.

Currently the laws/regulations require that all products and raw materials purchased by the Federal Government must meet the standard of 60% of the value of the component parts originate in America. That will rise to 75% by 2029.

What more should be put into place, to make the significant difference you see?

Ninety percent by 2035 should do it.

I think you misunderstood what i said.

I don’t want to stop all trade. I want essential things done HERE. Military, staple foods, medicines & fuel.

Has the baby formula shortage changed any views on this subject?

If anything, it has strengthened my viewpoint. In this case, we should open our markets to European Union baby formula. If we were currently doing so, this situation would never have occurred.

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Would that require imposition of less taxes on business?

Are small businesses in particular able to foot the costs of recruiting, benefiting, training personnel?

I agree it would be ideal to manufacture in house. Taxes in particular on businesses sometimes drive business to lower tax states, and financially IMO some incentive is required to make on site production more desirable.