We are probably not far away from the tipping point in Hong Kong

I think we are very close to a full scale intervention and direct takeover of Hong Kong by mainland China. The riots have caused the closure of the airports and mainland China is not going to tolerate these protests much longer.

In the last few hours they have begun to characterize the riots as terrorism. More significantly, Chinese military units and para-military police units are massing around Hong Kong.

I don’t think China lets these protests go on much longer and frankly I think the students have foolishly handed China a good excuse for taking direct control of Hong Kong.

And China won’t be gentle about it, to be sure. They will slaughter as many people as necessary to get the point across.

I saw some ominous footage of troops being trucked in during the last 12 hours, I think you are right.

Edit, one I saw was on a highway but here is similar footage:

I posted this in our private chat 5 hours ago.

I give it another 24 to 48 hours and ■■■■ is going to hit the fan.

The original video wasn’t Hong Kong.

Yeah seeing that now, looks like they have arrived and are massing like Safiel said.

Never been to China/Hong Kong but I think @Safiel has. He might be able to identify those videos.

I also expect the first sign will be blackout of all media and internet right before they move in.

I was in Hong Kong once, but never left the immediate vicinity of the airport. The hotel and conference area was about a mile away from the airport. So I couldn’t say about those videos. :smile:

Well…so much for your help…dammit.

I could help ya with a Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City travelogue, Hong Kong, not so much. :smile:

■■■■ is about to get very violent very fast.

The long and short of it is SO WHAT. What’s anyone going to do about it. And why would China care.

They have official dubbed the protesters domestic terrorists.

The United States won’t do anything about it, other than maybe a formal diplomatic protest, maybe an additional tariff, that will be about it.

And the lack of response that I expect will embolden China to accelerate moving against Taiwan, which is what it really wants.

Well you tried.

Either way I have feeling it’s going to get really ugly for those folks. They have set the ground work, they garnished the support of Chinese people to crush em.

We may very well be witness first genocide by a goverment in 21st century. I hope not but I don’t liking the looks of this.

Canada learn pretty fast what speaking out about China would cost.

thousands of jobs.
and dozens of innocent Canadian arrested.

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Echoes of Tiananmen Square. :frowning:

Bingo. The message. :wink:

Pakistan and India are also almost at war, the world isn’t looking so hot in the last year.

It’s going to make Tienanmen Square like child play.