Water sipping moments: Johnny Cash vs Donald Trump

Which one do you prefer?

WATCH: Trump explains VIRAL ramp descent, water sipping moments during Tulsa rally - YouTube (9 minute 25 second)

Johnny Cash reminded me of these two

How about another Johnny Cash classic to compare to Trump:

He turned the water into wine…

I recall when Johnny played at the White House and Nixon requested Oakie From Muskogee, this is the song that Johnny played for him.

I liked Cash’s singing for the most part. He was better in the 1950s and early 60s than later.
I was elected president of a Johnny Cash fan club a number of years ago and due to that read up on his history.
Bottom line- I found that he was very dishonest.

He stole Folsom Prison Blues from Gordon Jenkins- note for note and almost word for word. Jenkins sued him in 1967 or 1968 and won a large sum of money.

Cash wrote Ring of Fire and gave it to June Carter. She then claimed she wrote it. Cash did this because he was getting a divorce from his first wife and didn’t want her getting royalties from Ring of Fire.

In 1980 Cash fired his long time partner, Marshall Grant and denied him any money.
Cash, Grant and Luther Perkins had been equal partners since the beginning of Cash’s career. Grant and Perkins were the Tennessee Two.

Grant and Perkins’ estate sued Cash and won big.

Throughout his career Cash claimed to be part American Indian. He wasn’t and he knew he wasn’t.

There wasn’t much Cash wouldn’t lie about and there were few devious acts he wouldn’t commit.

This is not true. June Carter gave it to her sister Anita Carter who recorded it before Cash had anything to do with it.

No, it wasn’t before Cash had anything to do with it.
Cash wrote the song on a fishing trip with Merle Kilgore.