WATCH: Top Democrat Signals Willingness to Fund ‘Enhanced Border Fencing’ | Sean Hannity

The future chairman of the House Democratic Caucus announced Wednesday that his party may be prepared to fund “enhanced border fencing” and other security measures to re-open the federal government.

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WHY won’t they fund the wall? WHY do they insist on putting the wants of citizens from other countries ahead of the needs of American citizens??

WHY does Pelosi insist Americans pay for illegals but refuses to address the homeless in her OWN city?

Because thay dont care about the Americian people. They dont want President Trump in office. They want to take over! Thats nothing new. Obamma wants the President destroyed.Soros wants the country destroyed. And the democrats are doing their Bidding.

DAMN the Godless socialists.
To the black voters and your families, eight years of reducing your masculinity, DIM’s laws that KEEP you from
being the man of your home…is helping you as the father of your families ? HOW ?? Be the father you didn’t have.
The last vestige of self respect " Dem’s vote panderin,." will be thrown at pandering for your…and illegal…votes.

Respect your self, READ THE ISSUES, and VOTE, brother.

I love how democrats constantly play with the wording. They’re lawyers, so that’s what they do. It’s not green, it’s a combination of yellow and blue. They are forever claiming about how they are for immigration, because immigration is what built this country. We are a country of immigrants. They neglect to say that the problem is with “Illegal immigration” or illegal aliens. That’s why they don’t want to use that term because that’s the term that describes the unlawful entry into the United States. They media keeps playing their song and never brings that point out. They don’t want to fund the wall because that is what President Trump is saying he wants. They try time and time again to denounce a wall because that is what Trump wants. There are places where there is nothing, but they never talk about that. That is where much of the traffic is. No matter what facts are presented to them they will continue to change the wording around to make their argument.