WATCH: Sen. Hirono Defends Activists' ‘Mob’ Tactics Against GOP Leadership

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Democratic Senator and outspoken Brett Kavanaugh critic Mazie Hirono defended her party’s tactics against GOP politicians during the judge’s confirmation process over the weekend; saying her supporters are “very much motivated” against the Supreme Court Justice.

Sen. Hirono was speaking with CNN’s Dana Bash Sunday when she was asked to comment on what President Trump described as an “angry mob.”

“It is one thing to protest at the Supreme Court … it’s another thing to run senators out of restaurants, go to their homes. Is that going too far?” Bash asked.

“I think that it just means that there are a lot of people who are very, very much motivated by what is going on, because what happened with Judge Kavanaugh is from the very beginning, this was not a fair process,” she said.

h/t Washington Free Beacon