Watch Scott Pruitt accidentally admit to violating federal law

“You were an AG, a law enforcement officer — CFR regulations prohibit directing a subordinate to do personal work for you, and if they volunteer that’s a gift,” Udall said. “Services must be paid for at fair market value, so it doesn’t cut it that ‘they’re a friend’ or that kind of thing. Did you pay them at the time for doing that work?”


Pruitt again tried to dodge, reiterating that “all activity that I’m aware of that was engaged in by the individual you are speaking about occurred in personal time.”

“And you you pay them for it?” Udall pressed.

“No, I did not,” Pruitt replied.

“Then that’s a gift that’s in violation of federal law,” Udall concluded.

Should Pruitt be allowed to remain in office?

Only the best people.

I’m sure no “reasonable prosecutor” would bring a case against Pruitt for this.

Now, if he had compromised secret information I would say prosecute the hell out of him.

Wow…when did Udall become the judge, jury, prosecutor and defense attorney? If Pruitt has committed a crime, charge him and prosecute him. Welcome to America.

Wow…look at you attacking the person trying to expose illegal activity. No surprise though, it’s what you’ve been doing for a year and a half straight.

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Dude…attacking is attempting to convict someone without due process. Look how you’re attacking me? You should be ashamed but this is how libs have been since Trump won the nomination. Oh looky, it’s that same year and a half you were just projecting.

correct. not surprising.

Not in the slightest

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“Did your staff contact realtors and arrange tours for you”

Kinda loses something when you see the “severity” of the charges.


Did you take a bic pen on December 3rd, 1962? :rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Pretty much.

Hillary destroys evidence but it’s ok because “I don’t think she meant to commit a crime”, but hang this bastard!

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Is that all that happened? All the other stuff I read about him must be fake news.

Try reading the article, then you might know what the thread is about.

Those of us who actually did read the article know that it pertains to a specific act.

His director of scheduling scheduled some stuff. gasp

I’m sure you have 100 years of previous legal action, or in the case of Comey/Hillary non legal action to point to backing your claim.

Government employees are not allowed to require other government employees to handle their personal business.

Unless you count interns…

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Make up your mind. Is it “All the other stuff I read about him” or is it his Director of scheduling scheduling stuff?

i vaguely remember that causing a problem.

Show us where he was required.

Incredibly ironic post coming from someone who has repeatedly, and continues to, accuse DAG Rosenstein of being in a secret conspiracy to take out the President without even a hint of proof.