Watch LIVE: Stop The Steal Protest in Atlanta, GA- LIVE COVERAGE

LIVE: STOP THE STEAL ! demonstration in Georgia Atlanta, Georgia.

Patriots unite. WARNING: May have some bad language

Watch LIVE: Stop The Steal Protest in Atlanta, GA- LIVE COVERAGE

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Too late.

Vote is certified.

Can call for a recount.

Trump will lose Georgia’s 16 EVS

As the SOS said.

Numbers don’t lie.



Performance art. Virtue signaling to the other members of the tribe.


They’re a bit late to be protesting the GA vote count. That is done and over with.

Granted, there may be a recount that changes some votes - but nothing near the amount Trump would need to make up a gap of over 12,000 votes.

But, hey - at least they’ll get some exercise.

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Would Trump really make us watch him lose a third time?

Honestly, I don’t know. Anyone else would have been too embarrassed to keep this charade going 2 weeks ago.

The perfect name for the protest.

Stop the Steal! If the theft succeeds Biden will forever be know as the Illegitimate “president”.


Recounting the votes is waste of time. It’s envelope with signatures that vote came in with should be looked at. That’s where voting fraud is at.

Trump is winning this–0they know bad we know Trump won this.

The fraudulent people and Commies, RINO and weak kneed people, better wake up fast!

Only in the minds of the most fervent Trump loyalists.

Audits will happen. No one is going to shut up and buy this fraud.

He’s already lost…on Election Day and in court. Only place he is winning is in the hearts and minds of Trump supporters

The audit already happened. Nothing was found that would change the result.

Glad I could help.
Is that what this was about? A big protest?

We all know Biden committed, documented, videoed, REAL criminal acts, no one wants to talk about…If Barr doesn’t do something quick, someone will.

An audit of the audit.

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Alleged fraud. Where’s the evidence?

Missing in action.


The Narrative has allowed the grifters to reach their marks.

The marks enjoy being played because it props up their Unreality Bubble.

Nothing can be done for the marks.

The sos said trump suppressed his own voters.



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No. No legal audit has happened.