Watch fake news CNN anchor get shredded by Trump official

This is great. Not only is CNN fake news, but they are lazy. The Trump official is forced to act as her fact checker. It’s a short but entertaining video.



The entertainment factor was 10 out of 10

The E3 statement says nothing about the US and urges Iran to stay in the Nuclear agreement… the agreement that the President urged Europe to back out of.

It doesn’t look like the Fact check is all that good.

I love the way she had that mouth agape smirk on her face at the beginning. By the end she just wanted out. :smirk:

Well… there was a mischaracterization of what the E3 actually says.

This was one of the very best on air corrections I have seen in the Trump era.



The claim: " The United States does seem to be almost completely isolated when it comes to its position on Iran at present. U.S. allies in Europe, in the Middle East where I am, and in Asia are calling for de-escalation or are virtually silent. There is almost no support for U.S. actions. Where are America’s allies at this point?"

The E3 statement did not have our allies communicating support for our actions in Iraq. In fact, it calls for de-escalation of violence by Iran.

This seems like another one of those Brietbart stories where digging into the source of information uncovers the truth that the headline and article are complete mischaracterizations. In other words, fake news.


The E3 statement also says this.

We specifically call on Iran to refrain from further violent action or proliferation, and urge Iran to reverse all measures inconsistent with the JCPOA

The President just called for those countries to abandon that agreement.

There seems to be kind of a Gulf between agreement on this.

Speaking of fake news. Here’s another heart warming story. CNN has had to pay a settlement after their unprovoked attack and lies about a child.

This has what to do with the E3 statement?

Absolutely nothing. But since my topic is CNN fake news, it’s a perfect fit. :sunglasses:

Good, but not related

It is consistent with my topic. So it is related. :man_shrugging:

Besides deflecting from a erroneous OP? Nothing


You haven’t demonstrated how CNN was fake in this instance. What fact was checked? I read the Brietbart article but both the article and the Trump official on CNN mischaracterized the E3 statement.

Inception levels of clickbait.

Fake news is my description of CNN. You are free to make your own assessment. It’s your call.

I have no idea why officer Wilson has not sued them over the hands up don’t shoot lie.

The comment section at the bottom of the article are “wonderful”.
Classy people.

Speaking of wonderful, classy people. Should officer Wilson sue them for this lie?

I can’t care what you call them either, and only mildly amused that you fell for the fake news produced by Brietbart.