WATCH DOG: Maxine Waters Inciting ‘MOB VIOLENCE,’ Calls for ‘Ethics Complaint’ | Sean Hannity

A government watchdog agency called-out California Congresswoman Maxine Waters this week, saying the lawmaker was “inciting mob violence” and urged her colleagues to file an official “ethics complaint.”

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Nail her for inciting violence - the loudmouth needs her drawers pulled down - throw her in with captive M13 members she loves so much - see how she like that!

A Right leaning government watchdog group makes claims that Maxine is inciting violence?


Poor little Judicual Watch Snowflakes.

As Michelle Malkin would say, “Boo Freaking Hoo”!

^^^Donny Deplorable Dummy Justice^^^

On display and he is no doubt proud of it.


No - Observant Americans claim she is inciting violence - have you even watched what is going on in this country since she publically made the announcement - perhaps it is you who is the snowflake - what’s wrong - EBT card not working?


What acts of actual “violence” has Maxine incited?

Has Maxine, like you, called for anyone to be physically and sexually assaulted?

Has Maxine, like you, called for a private citizen to be criminally kidnapped and without due process have her clothes removed before locking her up with violent gang members?

What is your problem?

You working on getting your local Klan troop Mysoginist Merit badge?

Whatever happened to the ‘crime’ called “Hate Speech”???

It’s all fun and games till some nut job decides she’s right and wants to take it to the next level. Then it’s all Trumps fault for what ever reason they can come up with at the time. People really need to listen to these politicians when they talk, just to see how full of crap they are.