Watch China Basic Economics

We’ve had a lot of folks here swearing up and down in various threads that China is not in the midst of an economic resurgence.

Watching their imports, paticularly of petrleum and metals is the best way to see if that is true.

After huge buys in December, improrts cratered in Jan/Feb but March, April has them back at essentially the same levels as 2018-2019.

If the rest of the industirialized world doesn’t quickly do the same China will have successfully destroyed them by exporting their virus covertly in Dec, Jan, Feb covertly and with complicity by the WHO.

Yes, there is some risk but the rest of the Industrialized world will lose WWIII without firing a single shot if they do not quickly do the same and China will emerge as the world’s largest economy and sole economic superpower.

What risks are you referring to?

Sounds like that took some planning.

Who’s buying their products if we are all broke?

Who said we’re all broke other than yourself?

Impress us with your wisdom and superior education and articulate them for us.

I don’t buy into the conspiracy theories that this was an engineered bioweapon; However the facts clearly demonstrate they most likely made sure it would leak out of China to the rest of the industrialized world so as to bring the rest down with them knowing China would be the first to recover.

This allows them to not only avoid any significant loss of market share due to their own losses in GDP but also ensures they end up gaining, at least in the short term.

They are I think counting on most of the world being too gutless to hold them truly accountable for the damage they wrought on the rest of thy world in doing so.

One does not poison one’s customers to gain an economic advantage.

It’s just dumb.

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I think the 184 Countries that received the CV19 will have some long term economic claims and trade disengagement.

China isn’t coming through this unscathed.

They do if you have no conscience and the CCP has none, Human Life hasn’t meant anything to them since the revolution began.

They shouldn’t but so many countries now are dependent on them for trade and aid I doubt more than a handful will push it.

It has nothing to do with conscience.

You don’t wreck the market upon which you rely, and China has not developed enough internal demand to make up for the reduced demand that will come from the rest of the world because of this.

You fail so many times with your predictions because you think in terms of good and evil, which are empty, vacuous terms when trying to describe how people…and governments…behave in real life.


All 184 countries are going to stop trading with China! That is a remarkable claim.

Let me see the USA cuts foreign aid; China steps in. A truly remarkable example of cutting one’s nose off to spite your face

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Yes and imagine if there was some multi-lateral framework for dealing with China if they were indeed trying to do as the OP described, of which the United States could be a reliable and trusted leader?

Imagine the US leading this via the philosophy of enlightened shared interests as opposed to “why aren’t you paying your fair share? I’m tired of carrying you!”

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Pure economic ignorance and partisan blather.

The only hope China had of not losing huge market share along with their losses in GDP was if the rest of the industrialized world suffered equally or more from the pandemic that ravaged their central provinces surrounding Wuhan and Wuhan itself.

The Chinese have made a decades long study of how the US became the world’s Arsenal, Leading Industrial Power and both Economic and Military Super powers.

We did it by suffering fractional losses compared to the other major powers in both WW’s and by supplying not only the bulk of their war making ability but in providing everything they needed but labor to rebuild after both wars.

The leaders in China are evil but they are not stupid and they play the long and short games better than any other gov’t on the planet.

And the consequences of what the USA is doing can be seen by the growing influence of China around the world.

The reduced demand is short term. The Chinese don’t do short term.

Then…add to this that China and the WHO said that there wasn’t any indication of person to person transmission and kept that lie until January 21st/22nd. During that time, they purchased much of the world’s medical supplies that protect people from this virus…IF…there was actually person to person transmission and did so for pennies per mask. Now they are attempting to sell these same medical supplies at astronomical figures. The Chinese government truly is an evil regime that I hope the whole world turns on…especially the good people of China.

we are their competitors, not their customers.

the question is not did they allow the virus to escape into the rest of the world, we know they did. There is no other plausible reason for them to have hidden it and lied about it except to allow it. the question is why would they do what we know they did do.