Wasn't Obama "Soft" on Illegal Immigration?

Just caught a few seconds of Sean showing photos of illegal kids in cages during Obama’s tenure…

I admit I was surprised until a couple of days ago when I’d researched that for myself…(after someone had pointed it out here.)

But… I don’t recall Sean or Rush ever mentioning illegals being abused like that, during Obama’s eight years. All I remember is that they excoriated him for not deporting enough illegals and basically keeping open borders and telling ICE not to do their job…

Am I misremembering? Did Sean or Rush ever praise Obama for deporting more illegals than any president before him, or excoriate him on the treatment of these illegal kids?

You might have a point if Sean, Rush, et al had excoriated Obama for detaining kids at the border but they didn’t.

Obama instituted, stopped, then re instituted catch and release of “families” and “unaccompanied minors” which is exactly why we are faced with another surge of same.

As for the claim Obama deported more illegals than any POTUS in history they did so by counting turnarounds, which were never counted before, and by paroling inmates with early release as long as they agreed to be deported. Many of those of course turned around, came right back and committed even more crimes in the US.

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If you want to talk about hypocrisy let’s talk about the left in this country and their willing cohorts in the media who gave Obama a pass when he was detaining illegal families and unaccompanied minors.

I wish you’d answer my question directly instead of deflecting. :wink:

Please read this article:

Obama did not separate families. (And yes, I was fooled too until I saw this article.)

The photos of those kids sleeping alone in their tinfoil blankets were not of children or teens deliberately separated from their parents, but from that wave of unaccompanied minors who tried to get in a few years ago.

I suggest that’s why there was not nearly as much outrage against Obama as against Trump. Despite the spin being put on it by President Trump, Obama and Bush did not separate families, except under special circumstances.

Factcheck.org does point out the extreme number of illegals who have tried to illegally enter the US - I’m not saying that they’re not illegal and should not be prevented from entering.

However, the hypcrisy is not what you claim it is, but rather the reverse. Always assuming you believe Factcheck.org’s article.

Sigh. I hate these new forums.

I saw your 2nd post before I saw this one.

“Unaccompanied minors” by definition, were not separated from their parents at the border, since they came on their own.

Please provide a link to your claim that many of the illegals who were deported came right back and committed crimes in the US.

I answered your question directly. As for the rest, yes they certainly did.

Jeh Johnson, DHS secretary under the Obama administration, told NPR earlier this month that he couldn’t say that family separations “never happened” during his tenure. “There may have been some exigent situation, some emergency. There may have been some doubt about whether the adult accompanying the child was in fact the parent of the child. I can’t say it never happened but not as a matter of policy or practice. It’s not something that I could ask our Border Patrol or our immigration enforcement personnel to do,” Johnson said.

Brown told us that while the Obama administration “did separate some families,” it also tried to detain families together. In 2016, a court ruling limited how long children with their parents could be in family detention centers. That ruling confirmed that a 1997 settlement applied to both unaccompanied and accompanied minors, as we’ve explained before.

How did they then solve the problem? By dumping them on the streets as a family in the US.

“At that point,” Brown said, “family detention dwindled and most families were released into the US, either on their own with a notice to appear or under Alternatives to Detention, which could be an ankle bracelet or a supervised monitoring provision where they had to check in with ICE regularly until their immigration court hearing.”

Here’s you a few examples.

Just doing the jobs those lazy Americans won’t do. :roll_eyes:

Oh, and just so you are aware:

He also dumped thousands of them on the streets with his catch and release programs.

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Right on the money. Good post!

Obama did not deport more illegals than any previous president. His admin counted those who never entered the country but were turned around at the border, and yes, Rush, Sean, and others reported on this bit of slight of hand.

I was very surprised to learn this practice was in existence during Obama’s presidency but it doesn’t change my mind that it is an abhorrent practice. It was wrong under obama and it’s wrong now.

Wildrose, your source detailed how Obama only separated few parents from children, unlike Trump who decided zero tolerance meant separating thousands of parents from their parents.

And that takes us right back to the meaning of “zero tolerance”.

The fact remains it was going on during every previous administration as well to one degree or another including Obama’s.

Yes, under Obama it was far less frequent when kids were separated from their parents. I’d there were drugs involved or of the parentage was questioned. Under Trump it was far more widespread.