Washington D.C is sueing Trump admin for misuse of government fund

The AG of Washington D.C has filed charges against the President inaugural committee for grossly misusing government funds.

The attorney general of Washington D.C. has filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump’s inaugural committee, alleging an abuse of non-profit funds that ultimately benefited the first family’s private business.

Attorney General Karl Racine said in the lawsuit that the committee was made to “grossly overpay for event space” at the Trump International Hotel in Washington during the president’s inauguration, while failing to seek out cheaper options.

Mr Trump’s inaugural committee funding has been steeped in controversy ever since it was reported to have spent over $100m (£76m) on lavish events — far more than past inaugural budgets — and more than $1m (£761,300) at the Trump hotel.

"District law requires non-profits to use their funds for their stated public purpose, not to benefit private individuals or companies,” the attorney general said when announcing the lawsuit on Wednesday. “In this case, we are seeking to recover the nonprofit funds that were improperly funnelled directly to the Trump family business.”

Actually these were not government funds, they were funds that private contributors made to the Trump Inaugural Committee – the money that bought Sondland his ambassadorship.

This was a fairly typical Trump con… similar to what he did with the Trump Foundation… using his ownership of properties to generate profit from non-profit entities.

Trump supporters are required to turn a blind eye to such illegal dealings, because… that’s what Trump supporters do. Refusing to acknowledge crime seems to be the minimal contribution required of members of the Trump club, at least those who cannot by million dollar Ambassadorships.

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Total sham

I hope that the apolitical truth is revealed and if Trump is guilty, he has to pay it back with a fine.

Sondland needs his money back.
Democrats would never go after Trump unless they had all the proof at hand. There can be no question of his over charging.
The District really cares about the economic well being of donors to the Trump inaugural committee.

3 years from the date of the event…DC has gotten more efficient than when I lived there. :smile:

Good luck with that considering the Inaugurals are privately funded.

This seems like a silly lawsuit that should go nowhere.

Politicians should never let an opportunity to do something vapid go to waste.

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