Was were both my solar threads closed?

I can see closing one.?. Although it’s not like there is a shortage of space here…:grinning:

The second one was closed because it was the exact same as one that was already closed. I put that in the thread.

The mod that closed the other will have to chime in on the other thread.

I closed the old one because it was old. Saw no reason to close the new one. He started the new one before I closed the old one.

Then there was no reason to start a new one.

Please reopen the new one…

They could have been merged. I pointed out to cratic that she had already made the same thread previously and didn’t need another one that was the same as the earlier one.

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Glad you showed up! Actually, the new thread was sufficient for discussion. You gracefully chimed in to the old thread

@Cratic3947 you could have just poured your outrage back into this thread instead of starting a new, almost identical thread

That thread hadn’t been posted in for over a year. If we’re going to be merging threads, I guess it can start with all the Trump outrage threads. Those are posted daily, and usually dig up the same tired material.