Was there really a delay of aid to cause deaths in Ukraine as Taylor said?

Taylor testified that the aid approved in 2018 was received in 2019 because it takes about a year for Ukraine to get the aid after it is released. Ukraine has already received the aid that they can expect in 2019. The approval of aid that Taylor said was delayed by the President and would cause deaths in Ukraine would not be expected to be received until 2020. If the aid is approved before the end of the approval period would it really make a difference whether it is earlier or later during the approval period?

If it’s being held up for approval until the Ukraine publicly announces they are investigating Crowdstrike and Biden?

It makes all the difference in the world.

It is not being held up, so it makes no difference.

If two months delay would cause all those deaths, how many deaths were caused by providing no weapons under the Obama administration? Does that make him a murderer?

It was held up.

It was only released after the story of Trump’s phone call leaked out…and then it was released despite the fact that NONE of the supposed “concerns” that supposedly caused Trump to hold it up in the first place were addressed.

Again why?

Because obviously since Obama didn’t give as much aid as Trump, Trump COULDN’T have been purposely holding up this aid package.

Scary that this passes for a rational argument.


Scary what passes for an impeachment. First, this time connection to the whistle blower is a made up connection. The budget year was nearly out so it was released. That is the more logical connection.
You can’t impeach on made up connections.

Even if there were questionable considerations by Trump, that is the sort of differences that are left to elections all the time. Don’t like the way Trump did something, then bring it up in the next debates.

So ridiculous after all the bogus anti Trump investigations that have been going on.

They know this

Nobody has answered the question.

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It was an extraordinary coincidence…


I’m telling you, Trump was right- he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and all we’d be hearing was that the victim was a member of the Deep State that had it coming…


Obama did. Well, not on 5th Avenue…

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I suppose it was just a wild coincidence that the aid was released in September, the final month of the budget year.

People who keep repeating that nonsense about 5th avenue need to start providing some evidence of such a shooting.

Does Trumps mouth have anything to do with with these “anti trump” investigations?

Trump and his campaign was accused of conspiracy to coordinate with a foreign power to influence the election in his favor. He beat the “charge”.

Then, because he is an idiot, tried to do the same â– â– â– â–  he just beat the charges for. He tried to coordinate with a foreign government to influence the election in his favor.

For someone who believes in the “deep state” he sure isn’t very careful with the words he says, and to whom. If he was really that worried, maybe he should stop doing shady ■■■■■ just a thought

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Here is the timeline laid out for you, although I’m certain we will keep hearing this new excuse “Oh- it was coming to the end of the budget year so OF COURSE the aid package was released”.

The aid package was deliberately held up…the White House admitted this.

It was then suddenly released with no warning or no explanation given.

But yeah- this was all normal goings on.


The OMB releasing the aid does not immediately “spend” the money… The notice of sale was not made till Oct 3, 2019 which would have been a violation of the Impoundment Control Act had congress not included an extension in the continuing resolution passed in Sept. The actual sale would not have been possible till 30 days after the notice of sale…

Scary…but entirely predictable

Its also why our founders purposely put the impeachment process into the Constitution

The Dems conducting the “impeachment” are like the Chess playing Pigeon.

They strut around the board knocking over the pieces, they ■■■■ on the board and then strut off declaring “victory”. :roll_eyes:

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Did you see the recent CNN focus group where the Trump supporter essentially said that?

And they didn’t care did they?! That was just fine.

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