Was the Rittenhouse case really about a BLM supporter being attacked by a white-supremacist terrorist?

I agree that media narratives that a BLM supporter was attacked by a white-supremacist terrorist in Kenosha have an element of truth, but they messed up on important details. Here is a list:

  1. Rittenhouse is a BLM supporter.
    Rittenhouse: 'I'm Not a Racist Person -- I Support the BLM Movement'

  2. In the summer of 2020 there were many reports of white supremacists posing as BLM supporters to create arson attacks. Here is one example from a few weeks before the Kenosha riots:

Police announced on Monday that they believe undercover white supremacists led a group of rioters that cut down police tape over the weekend and rushed a police station, eventually setting a dump truck on fire outside the station.
White supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter supporters triggered riots, Richmond mayor says | Washington Examiner

  1. “Mr. Rosenbaum started fires that night,” prosecution said.
    WATCH: Prosecutor Lists Numerous Alleged Crimes Of Man Kyle Rittenhouse Fatally Shot, Downplays As Irrelevant | The Daily Wire

  2. Video shows Rosenbaum using the n-word in taunts before the shooting.
    'Shoot Me': Kenosha Shooting Victim Seen in Earlier Video Confronting Armed Men

  3. Rosenbaum went on to attack Rittenhouse for putting out fires.

So yes, there really is evidence that a white-supremacist terrorist attacked a BLM supporter in Kenosha on the night of August 25, 2021. The media got that right. They just reversed who was the terrorist and who was the BLM supporter.

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I never thought it was about that.

I thought it was about the foolishness of a 17yo bringing a rifle to a riot.

FYI, I was confident he would be found not guilty.

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There will be a lot of cognitive dissonance if the truth about the white-supremacist terrorist and the BLM supporter gets out.

This icing on the cake would be if the Rittenhouse family has distant African ancestry and is therefore really African-American. Heads would explode.

Lt. Gov. elect Sears is a mouthpiece for white supremacists too

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Yes, default accusation from the media is that anyone they oppose is a white supremacist.

I am surprised the they haven’t claimed that Sears is a Russian operative. I guess they wore that one out.


Yes, killing two white guys in self defense is hardly white supremacy. Just show how silly the leftist news media is. Dangerous though.

Kyle’s bravery makes us all look bad in the face of lawlessness and govt collapse.

Wisconsin law supports a 17 year old open-carrying a rifle, which signaled the death of any and all hopes from the left that Rittenhouse would be convicted of something/anything to satiate their bloody appetites.

Libs will just have to learn to live with it by convincing themselves that they’re some kind of superior role model parents (you know, the same ones raising pack animals that riot in the streets over what the TV said). :man_shrugging:


Same triggered lib all week. We know why. :sunglasses:

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Truth hurts…And its still stuck to your shoe.

Yeah, I know. You lib-types have been on my crusty heels crying about it forever now. :wink:

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Rittenhouse would probably have been successfully lynched under color of law if the video from independent journalists had not cleared him.

Why is the federal government withholding 14000 hours of video from January 6?

The globalist’s are knee deep in it…

Recent history has shown that we should assume that federal authorities and mainstream narratives are lying until proven otherwise. That has certainly been true in the Rittenhouse case.

Lying and being wrong are two different things…

Yes, there can be honest mistakes.

On the other hand, knowingly repeating the same misinformation for over a year without any attempt to correct it is a lie in my book.

He should have his ancestry DNA analyzed. We were surprised to find out 3% of our DNA from no doubt Italian grandparents, is from Africa in addition to DNA from the Ionian peninsula of Greece. No surprises really, anyone who studied European history and the migration of man through the millennia would find it fascinating.