Was the Congressional Chaplain fired for being Catholic?

I’ll just repeat what I said on the first thread on this topic. I don’t believe in prayer in public/government places. If Representatives need to pray they can go into their office, close the door and pray all they want.

Congressional Chaplain is a paid position?

$172,500 a year.

More than one war has been fought over that issue.

And if they want to be homosexual they can do the same.

Every position costs money.

Good Lord that thar chaplin’s a SOCIALIST!"

I think this must be one of the posters I’ve been told to ignore.

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Your choice. Todos en el closet o todos en el suelo.

And if they want to be heterosexual they can do the same.

Heterosexual is normal. But you have a nice day.

Homosexuality is as normal as Heterosexuality. But you have a nice day.

So is homosexual. Or did you mean heterosexual is more prevalent?

This position should be eliminated. Those congress critters can go see their own pastors, priests, rabbis and whatnot.

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LOL. It afflicts less than 3% of the population and is a deviance from the reproductive drive required for the survival of the species. There is nothing normal about it.

Having said that, homosexuals are people, citizens with rights. And no one should be trying to stuff them back in the closet.

But you’re not going to do it with Jesus either. Nobody puts the Good Lord in a corner.

I couldn’t agree more.

See? You caught on quick.

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Remind me again how Jesus taught his followers how to pray? Something something Matthew 6:6

Keep reading.

Probably best, she probably doesn’t want to think either.