WARREN’S VISION: Sen. Warren Unveils Plan to BAN POLITICIANS from Owning Stock

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/warrens-vision-sen-warren-unveils-plan-to-ban-politicians-from-owning-stock/

Firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled her plan to crackdown on corporate influence in politics Tuesday, announcing new guidelines that would prohibit DC lawmakers from owning stock in private companies.

The Massachusetts senator released the proposal during a speaking event at the National Press Club, saying the only way to eliminate corruption from the nation’s capital was to “padlock the revolving door” between large corporations and politicians.

The bill -titled the Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act- would ban members of Congress, Cabinet appointees, federal judges and other officials from owning and trading stocks.

“Today I’m introducing the most ambitious anti-corruption legislation proposed in Congress since Watergate,” she claimed.

“Right now, that problem begins with a president who may be vulnerable to financial blackmail from a hostile foreign power and God knows who else – because it’s a president and his family who may be personally profiting off hundreds of policy decisions every day – but we don’t know, because he won’t show us his tax returns and won’t get rid of his personal business interests,” she added.

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