WARREN BACKTRACKS: The Senator Assures Voters ‘I’M A CAPITALIST!’ | Sean Hannity

Hyper-liberal Senator and potential 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren sought to ease voters’ concerns during a fiery interview Tuesday; assuring America’s business community she’s “a capitalist” who “believes in markets.”

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Warren doesn’t believe in theft unless it’s stealing from the taxpayers. Then hallelujah! It’s transformed from socialism to capitalism. What a leap.

Having to declare you are a “capitalist” is a good indicator that you are not, Senator Warren! it is normally a given unless you have spent your life railing against business, the stock market and wealth accumulation. Never mind capitalism is how you got rich. You don’t want the masses to have that opportunity. Proof? One only needs to examine your proposed positions like “taking” (a.k.a., taxing) 50% of someone’s earnings to give to someone else who is sitting on their butt or who "didn’t win life’s lottery, free college tuition, free healthcare and even guaranteed free income! These positions are not congruent with free markets. Go ahead and run on socialist positions. You will lose bigly!

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Dont believe her…she is a dyed in the wool leftist. If elected she would attempt to enact policy that would result in confiscation.
Warren had no shot at the white house.
She has already been exposed as a far left wing loon.

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Believing her, is like believing Obama’s, “…if you like your insurance…”