WARREN: Americans Not ‘Falling for’ Trump’s ‘Fake National Emergency’ | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren doubled-down on her fierce criticism of President Trump’s border security proposal Monday afternoon; saying Americans won’t “fall for” the “fake national emergency.”

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Here is an idea. Take the invaders that won’t be put in jail for being criminals, and put them only in those states that have leaders that are fighting the wall. They need to be instructed that if they leave that state, they will be immediately deported.
Those leaders see no issues with these folks, and apparently don’t think there are any budget issues with them either. There would be no reason to add any money to the budget for those states. This is getting better!
The new folks are where they are wanted, and it won’t cost the federal government any extra!
Everybody wins!

After Trump takes all the invaders and ships them to NY, CA, IL, MA, etc. and all those screaming airhead liberal states he should declare another National Emergency and build a giant wall around those states. Especially the ones that have declared sanctuary cities and states. Another good idea!!