WAR in Ukraine, Putin approves initiation of special military operation (Part 2)

How long before NATO formally sends boots on the ground?

“NATO allies are inching closer to sending troops into Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces, a move that would be another blurring of a previous red line and could draw the United States and Europe more directly into the war,” NY Times wrote Thursday. What has changed? The Zelensky government is now directly requesting it, apparently on a formal level for the first time of the conflict, according to officials.

. . . The report assures that at this moment anyway, the US is still saying ‘no’; however chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr has said an eventual deployment of trainers inside Ukraine looks inevitable. “We’ll get there eventually, over time,” he said.
Ukraine Formally Asks NATO To Send Troops For First Time, Pentagon Mulling | ZeroHedge

Meanwhile, open-source flight information shows a large number of military transports going from the US to eastern Poland. (See video starting at 29:30.) Is that just a coincidence?

Russia, feeling like they are winning the narrative about victory in Ukraine today announced that they are expanding their territorial waters in the Baltic sea around Lithuania and Finland to “reflect the political realities”. They are now claiming waters off lithuania next to a part of lithuania where “russian speaking” people live.

and so it begins.

There is one very significant difference … Lithuania has been a member of NATO for twenty years.

and at some point the russian separatists there will long for mother russia dreaming of the glorious time with their soviet brothers. russia will have no choice but to hear the cries of its children longing for ruski mir

no worries brother, it won’t be an invasion but a revolution! I can almost hear the inuit cries now!

You mean the GRU operatives sent in to stir it up.

shhhh… you can’t say that part

What’s a few little green men in unmarked uniforms…


Not our Southern border. Brandon and the State Department would actually spend money to help secure their border.

Seems like US supplied Himars has been render useless due to jamming. How are they going to get around jamming?

thats false

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For those who denied allowing Russia to succeed in Ukraine would make a conflict with NATO more likely. They haven’t even won in Ukraine yet, but because they are winning the propaganda war of claiming who’s winning, we get this.

Claiming Finish and Lithuanian territorial waters and entering Estonian territorial waters to move the buoys marking the Border claiming more there. This happened a few days ago, Putin said we should “recognize the new reality”.

The guy in this YouTube is a big Ukraine cheerleader so alot of what he says must be seen through that filter; however, the story about that is true. And about how they are encroaching into Georgia.

There was a draft proposal that the Russian Defense Ministry then quickly withdrew.

So much for the overblown hype in western media

The basic problem for NATO is that restrictions on the free passage of shipping through the Baltic would be an act of war under international law.

That’s a trial balloon. There is a reason why Putin signed the censorship law. As docile as the Russian population seems to be, those in power still fear the masses to some extent


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The mood of the herd can change in an instance.


My name is Artur Rehi and I am an Estonian reserve soldier. I completed conscription in 2018 in Kuperjanov Infantry battalion as company communications. I deliver aid to Ukraine after every 2 months and generate fundraisers for my viewers on youtube. All Ukraine aid funding is moved through Rotary Club Estonia.

The Estonian PM has recently been echoing fantasies from DC about partitioning Russia.

It did not work well for Estonia the last time they joined western efforts to do that.

why do you keep calling it the baltic? Its Lake NATO

pssst, this isn’t 1945. The great patriotic war ended a long time ago

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which did not stop Russian border guards from physically moving the border markers.