WAR in Ukraine, Putin approves initiation of special military operation (Part 2)

The Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) fought with the Germans in WW2 and it absorbed many SS veterans near the end of the war. It was led by Stepan Bandera, whose monuments are throughout western Ukraine. Azov and similar groups claim to be the modern continuation of the UPA.

You would have to go back to days of Oliver Cromwell for anything comparable in Ireland:

The methods used by the UPA to carry out the massacres were particularly brutal and were committed indiscriminately without any restraint. Historian Norman Davies describes the killings:

“Villages were torched. Roman Catholic priests were axed or crucified. Churches were burned with all their parishioners. Isolated farms were attacked by gangs carrying pitchforks and kitchen knives. Throats were cut. Pregnant women were bayoneted. Children were cut in two. Men were ambushed in the field and led away.”[71]

In total, the estimated numbers of Polish and Jewish civilians killed in Volhynia and Galicia is between 50,000 and 100,000.
Ukrainian Insurgent Army - Wikipedia

Uh, that war ended almost 79 years ago. Those guys are dead now.

Will Tucker interview Putin?



Not as a country no but parts of it did. For a reason and it’s one that if looked at in context would make sense.

They were being wiped out systematically by the Soviet Union

Holodomor was genocide.

It does in terms of defining what kind of country Ukraine can be. It however has nothing to do with the invasion. There i agree.

He has been dreaming and begging.

He needs to be careful. If he asks the wrong questions, he just might end up having a close encounter with a man with an umbrella. :neutral_face:

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He just needs to stay on the first floor of any building he enters. Ricin is very old school KGB. Putin likes GRU tactics better, exotic nerve agents, radio active poisoning. In spite of the fact that he was KGB.

Beg to disagree.

Shows Ukraine isn’t much better than Russia.

We needed to stay out of it.

We have nothing of interest there.


Finally a game-changing wonder-weapon enters the war in Ukraine?


The JDAM kit has reportedly allowed Russian forces to target Ukrainian forces with deadly accuracy using huge stockpiles of old dumb bombs.

LOL, accuracy for Russia means it most likely hit the right city… or at least near it

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Or at least the right apartment building or school.

The fortress city Adviika is falling. Russians got behind the lines through an old drainage tunnel.

Then how is Russia a “threat to the US”?


“Can you hold a rifle?”

“I guess. I’m a bit old and my back hurts though.”

“Welcome to the army! You’ll be fine!”

Wait the Ukes are using Sparrows?

That’s a blast from the past. My great uncle used to put those on Phantoms back in the 70s.

about 6 weeks ago. since then, nothing from that area. More pressing is the Russian gains just SE of the coking plant

Well Sea Sparrows. But yeah this is a no ■■■■ surprising thing… they’ve been able to tweek Buk launchers to shoot Sea Sparrows. I am not making that up.

The history of how Ukraine integrated NATO arms onto old Soviet equipment is going to be fascinating to read. Storm Shadow/SCALP missiles launched from SU-24s. HARMs launched from Mig-29s. Sea Sparrows launched from Buk SAM launchers. Hydra rockets from Mi-24/25s and Hip-8s. There’s a hell of a lot more that we don’t even know about yet…but it’s fascinating.

This goes a little more into detail about the FrankenSAM defense that’s been set up. It doesn’t really get into details, but I’m curious as to the Sidwinders they hooked up on things: