Wait a minute...I thought we had only 12 years

to save our planet? After that all is lost for humanity?

Now it seems libs planing on being carbon neutral by 2050.

The measure includes a requirement that utilities work toward 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2050, a mandate that includes a carbon credit trading system. The transportation sector would also have to be emissions free by that deadline, as the Environmental Protection Agency ratchets up increasingly tight vehicle standards. And buildings and industry would also have to clean up their act, using materials from more environmentally friendly sources while meeting tighter building codes.

And they’re going to fund it with National Climate Bank

So my question to all climate doomsayers out there…how is this going to help climate change when you don’t have China, India and other developing nations continue spewing pollution?

And finally how are you going to impose this without authoritarian goverment?

You’re going to ban all oil and gas?

Tell us how you’re going to enforce this onto our society.

Planing on being carbon neutral 18 years after doomsday is kind of late…don’t you libs think?

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Why the hell isn’t California carbon neutral right now? What are they waiting for?

That sounds about right. If we are all dead in twelve years, by the time 2050 rolls around, the carbon will have left our bodies. :wink:

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Not all oil…they’ll let you keep some for your bicycle.

They’ll enforce it by seizing your guns. Some Trump supporters will want to load up on snacks and TP and hide out in their bunkers until all this lib crazy blows over.


They should be leading by example. :wink:

Not so sure about that…with all preservatives that’s in our bodies.

Ya’ll are angry at the wrong folks. Why the hell isn’t California carbon neutral right now? What are they waiting for? Any idea? :thinking:

The conservative majority there are preventing them.


Because dem California libz R dirty hypocrites! Make real Americans sacrifice by turning us into the Venuzuela!


Just like Virginia. They get solid majority instead of doing there part in saving life on this planet they spend it trying to take away people 2nd amendment.

Such a shame…

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it’s never too late to give AOC control of the economy!

Not conservatives (weak willed RINOs) but Trump supporters. Despite being

In the

That glorious majority will continue to support the Chosen One in their efforts to preserve all that is good in this world.


The idea…and the only idea…is to make slaves of all of us to pay a carbon tax to our elected gods…united in this enslavement…all around the world.

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Fixing climate change by taxing the air we breath. :roll_eyes:

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And if you don’t use carbon for energy?

Is DTE Energy evil as well?

Magnificent question! :rofl:

environment bad!

The doomsday signs at Glacier National Park used to say the glaciers would be gone by 2020.

Now that 2020 is here, they’re walking it back…