Vlad now threatening us astronaut

Chances are I’ll be killed by fallout. I don’t live very far from a nuclear reactor that is certain to get hit in an exchange. And the prevailing winds cover my area and extend about 300 miles further on. Considering EMP effects, none of my vehicles will function.

Staying indoors helps, but there’s no fallout shelters anywhere near here. So the exposure to the nasty stuff from a nuclear reactor would still probably kill me in a month at best.

Under that scenario, being forced between a radiation death or a .357 round, I think I’ll choose my revolver.

Plus even for the survivalists, they’ll have trouble subsistence farming. Eating radioactive food doesn’t help you at all. And all the wildlife will be heavily contaminated in most places.

Yeah we would all be ■■■■■■■

What a sad way to go through life.

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Ya I think I am just about 10 miles out of the initial blast that’s assuming everything is targeting downtown. If they are hitting the burbs I should be fine to make a shadow of my former self on the wall.

Call in the Space Force.

I envy those who are dead and gone; they are better off than those who are still alive. But better off than either are those who have never been born, who have never seen the injustice that goes on in this world.
Ecclesiastes 4:2-4

Good News Translation🙂

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The astronaut senator guy?

Laugh out ■■■■■■■ loud man. Look at what we’re doing with our time.

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Bitter resentfulness is even more sad.

I’m not bitter nor do I resent him. I pity him.

You bet.

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He’s an astronaut and a US Senator so I think he’s fine and doesn’t need anyone’s pity.

Apparently with no name of his own.


I live 30 miles east of the only plant that builds the Abrams, MRAP, another vehicle for us plus one for Israel. Also there is a refinery a few miles away. Then we have Wright Patterson AFB 60 miles south, and then you have Columbus which has Battelle Industries which does a LOT of military research. I am pretty much toast.

I would say definitely toast. That’s like a golden triangle of targets to get saturated by multiple warheads.

The only two things that the Ruskies would target “near” me is Camp Shelby and that nuclear plant I mentioned earlier. The blasts wouldn’t get me, but the fallout from the plant (which would get ground bursted, to throw up more fallout; Shelby would probably get an air burst) would definitely kill me if I couldn’t escape.

I’d take a nice flash death over a radiation death any day.

Ya your in the crosshairs I guess it’s better than afterwords a life resembling a mad max movie.

You ever read The Road by Cormac McCarthy?

Or seen the movie with vigo mortensen?

I highly recommend if you want a glimpse of that.

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I didn’t mention the missile plant in Newark or the Nuclear power plant near the lake…lol

I have little doubt that without nuclear weapons we would now be in a Third World War if Russia had acted this way.
Now if they didn’t have nuclear obliteration to hide behind, they might not have acted this way.

No he does.

That was all me. I always want to say Tom Kelly instead of Mark Kelly so I did that so as not to make a mistake.

I would probably survive an actual nuclear exchange. While Winston-Salem, North Carolina would be a target, I would be outside the immediate danger radius, being in the far northwest corner of Surry County. With luck, fallout would be carried away from my location.

With a bit of luck, I would have a period of short term survival.

Medium and long term survival is a crap shoot.

I had the same thought. Incipient nuclear winter.