Vlad now threatening us astronaut

And crash the ISS?
What a wanker

He should sell Russian stake to China.

He’s going to need the dough.

Jelon Mezos to the rescue!



He has black gold, he can get any fiat currency he needs in trade for it.

Pity that Herr Putin has, in just days, blown away almost 50 years of cooperative space activities.


Can’t we get a SpaceX capsule ready in time to get him out?

Yes, in fact, SpaceX is already fully prepared for that eventuality. The next crewed mission may go up with a vacant seat for just that purpose.

Gabby Gifforda’ hubby tore Rogozin a new ■■■■■■■ over the threat…on Twitter of course. :sunglasses:

We have to deal with Putin differently than the Taliban, it’s the 53rd anniversary of the Tsar bomb

3500 times more powerful than Hiroshima in WW2. And what did Hiroshima look like?

Again that number is 3500 times more powerful than Hiroshima. Can we find a new villain to poke.

Meh they only built that bomb because their early missiles were so inaccurate…they would aim at New York and likely hit somewhere far up the Hudson…or out to sea.

So they wanted a weapon that could obliterate everything whether they missed or not.

It was also impractical as a weapon. It was so large the bomb had to have a parachute so the pilots had time to get away. And I don’t think you could miniaturize a 50 MT device to fit on a missile.

They ONLY have on average 500 kt or so weapons today. :sunglasses:

At this point would not surprise me one of the oligarchs that schmooze with Vlad the inbred Slav put a price on his head. He’s bad for business.

I found a good site one can put in the size of the bomb and the city to see the blast, fallout, and radiation. Whatever hits my city is going to mess Canada up as well.

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When I was a kid, if someone said “almost,” we responded
“Almost doesn’t count except in horsehsoes or hand grenades.”

As we grew older, we to added “nuclear warheads” to that list.

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Central Oregon and I believe northern Maine are about the only two places in the continental United States that wouldn’t see significant fallout in a full exchange. So those are the “safest” places to be.

At that point it would be about how bad the nuclear winter is.

It was horribly impractical.

The largest practical weapons (in terms of megatonnage) that either side ever actively deployed was 25MT.

The US had the B61. Gravity bomb, air burst, carried by B-52s. 25 megatons equivalent. Never live tested. Retired in the 1970s.

The Soviets had a 25MT warhead deployed on certain versions of the R-36M ICBM in the 1980s. Probably would have been used for attacking the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in a ground burst configuration. Essentially an earthquake warhead.

3 hour drive the Oregon border not counting crazy end of the world drivers I would never make it. Plus if I do make it I would probably end up getting eaten by the local wildlife or a doomsday prepper. Probably best to stay in the blast radius.

During the Cold War they learned that it made a lot more sense to saturate targets with smaller more accurate warheads than to use the huge multimegaton monsters. There was a fear by both sides that a first strike could disable the majority of their usable weapons.

So instead of one big warhead, both the US and the USSR started mounting multiple small warheads on each missile. That way if you did caught with your pants down, you still guarantee complete and utter destruction with the missiles you have left over that survive the first strike.

I thought that happened last week, a million dollars or something. Dollars LOL, no rubles.

I mean rubles are worth like half a penny at this point.

I wouldn’t take that worthless currency either.

In the event of a total nuclear war, the lucky people will be the ones instantly burned into shadows on the sidewalk.

It won’t just be the actual bombing and the direct fallout. EMP will essentially end all modern technology on the planet and globally set technology back to what existed in 1750, except in a handful of isolated locations. Nuclear winter will wipe out the food supply completely and globally for two years at minimum. And disease will run unchecked.

I would estimate that within two years after a total nuclear exchange, 95% of the global population will be dead. In places like India and China, that could be closer to 98% to 99%. Certain less densely populated areas might be lower.

Survival will be just as much a matter of sheer luck as it will be skill.

And something that does not cross most survivalists minds. Emergency supplies will run out eventually. But most people are not near fit enough to perform the heavy labor required to survive a pre-industrial lifestyle.

Those that are lucky, skilled and fit might survive, but they will be a tiny minority.

Most people should just hope they are standing in Central Park when the bombing starts. :smile: