Vietnam Era Lapel Pin

Please consider running a report on the Pentagon’s Vietnam Commemorative Partner program, under Major General (RET) James T. Jackson. This group, formed during the Obama administration, has falsely proclaimed that ALL military veterans who served on active duty ANYWHERE between 1955 and 1975 are recognized as Vietnam Veterans. “Vietnam War Veteran” lapel pins are being ceremoniously awarded upon request to all “era” veterans under this program, at taxpayer expense. This is being done under the guise of honoring former servicemen who actually sacrificed, fought and died in S/E Asia. My group of Vietnam veterans regards this as an example of social activism and political correctness run amuck. It is the latest insult directed at us by an ungrateful nation, but our letters to Pentagon officials, veterans’ groups and various politicians have all been ignored. I can provide additional documentation, such as official pronouncements, publicity and correspondence.

The Vietnam Commemoration Program was authorized and created by the National Defense Authorization Act of 2008 and signed into law by President G. W. Bush. There was no specific language regarding commemorative pins and the Secretary had broad discretion under law to design pins and other commemorative items and to decide who was eligible to receive the pins.

The Secretary decided that all “period” veterans are eligible to receive the pin and he was entirely within his discretion under the statute to do so. The pin commemorates “Vietnam Era” service, not necessarily service in Vietnam.

As for the “ungrateful nation” rhetoric. The Vietnam War has been over for 43 years and 22 days. For the United States, it has been over for 45 years, 1 month and 23 days. Beyond time to get over it.

Everyone gets a trophy, eh?

Not exactly a trophy. Just a tiny lapel pin. NOT an official ribbon or medal that can be worn on the uniform.

In any event, Congress dropped the ball by not being more specific as to who they wanted to honor. Instead they gave the Secretary pretty much complete discretion, so here we are.

I guess Trump will miss out.
As he’s said, he did go through his “personal Vietnam”, but he was specifically referring to avoiding STDs in the 80’s.

I don’t understand. My father, for instance, joined the Navy at the very end of WW2. He never left Great Lakes Navel Station. He is considered a WW2 Veteran and was honored as such at his funeral by service persons.

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What is so horrible about honoring veterans who served during The Vietnam War era even if they didn’t go to the theatre?