Veterans...What units did you serve in?

Never know…Could have crossed paths at some point.

I was in the 501st MIBN 1st AD and 105th MIBN 5th INF.

When I was young, I had a nice rack. lol


Ft Drum…10th Mountain…Thats kinda in my neck of the woods.

Ft. Polk, actually. 4th BDE. It wasn’t very mountainous. lol

I think the brigade is deactivated now. A part of history.

I was at Polk in the 80’s…At least I was on the new side of the post…lol

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North Fort? Full of mold now. They were building mini-mansions close to the main gate by the time I was leaving.

Can’t remember honestly…but North Forth sounds familiar, were new barracks, not ww2 style. Right across from the Class 6, came in handy…lol

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Used to go to this club/bar in Leesville, “The Hayride.”…Tuesdays and Thursdays, it was $5 all you can drink (beer) and eat. Walk in, and there would be pitchers lined up on the bar. Was a country music joint,…Actually learned how to two step, gotta do what ya gotta do if you know what I mean…lol.:sunglasses:


3/84th FA Artillery Kaserne Neckarsulm FRG (81-84)
3/9th FA Ft Sill OK. (84-85)

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Wasn’t too far away from you from in 82-84. I was at Katterbach Kaserne, a few klicks from Ansbach.

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USAF early 70’s and 80’s. 1035th Technical Operations Group; aka AFTAC

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Seems like a hundred years ago now lol :rofl:


  • Tech School, Biloxi MS (1972)
  • 3rd Combat Comm group, Tinker AFB, OK (72-74)
  • Tuslog Det 63, Karamursel Turkey (74-75)
  • 2017th Comm Squadron McGuire AFB, NJ (75-78)
  • University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana (cadet, active duty but full time student) (78-81)
  • Joint Spectrum Center (AKA, ECAC) Annapolis, MD (81-84)
  • AFIT, Wright Patterson AFB, OH (84-85)
  • OSAF/OR Pentagon (85-90)

3rd ID, both in Germany (3/1 Field Artillery, Bamberg) and at Fort Stewart, Georgia (3/69 Armor), then took a sham tour at Fort Myer, Virginia before separating.