Very sad news, one of our favorite sources of internet entertainment will be going away, the one, the only 11 foot 8 bridge is being raised

For years, hordes of trucks, the occasional bus and the occasional RV air conditioner unit have meet a violent end at the hands of the 11 foot 8 bridge in Durham, North Carolina. But their loss has been the internet’s gain. :smile:

However, we will no longer have the pleasure of watching a U-Haul truck opened up like a can opener. :smile:

The under pass has been closed to traffic and the railroad bridge is being raised to 12 foot 4, a standard clearance that should eliminate all further incidents.

Thanks to Jürgen Henn for documenting all the fun since 2008. :smile:


I remember belly laughing first time I saw that vid

North Carolina has lots of sub standard bridges.

Even on I-95 there are still bridges below interstate standards, particularly along the Dunn section.

Penske approves this renovation. :rofl:

The new 12 foot 4 inch bridge has opened.

But evidently it has NOT entirely been defanged. :rofl:

I don’t understand this. I thought 13’-6” was standard minimum height for most full service highways.

What kind of fix is that? :laughing:

The bridge is close to 80 years old and the road evidently was not a primary route at the time. It took quite a feet of engineering just to raise it those 8 inches and it will probably not be possible to raise it any further.

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