Very recent mass shootings: Gilroy CA, El Paso TX, Dayton OH

I believe that drug abuse may sometimes, if not frequently, be a factor in these senseless/ horrible mass shootings.
Are toxicology tests performed on the shooters upon their arrests, or on those shooters killed during the attack, at their autopsy?
If drug testing is performed, why are the test results not made public?
I want to propose that drug testing be performed in all shooting arrests or on all persons who are killed during a police shootout, and the results made public.
Drug abuse can certainly contribute to mental health issues and violent actions.
The public deserves to have factual information about the people that commit horrible crimes.
Also; all existing gun laws should be properly and consistently enforced prior to attempting to pass new restrictive laws against legal gun ownership or on legal gun owners. Rick Wanner

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I don’t think most of them are on the drugs people would normally think of.

Uh huh…this is a talking point

The mass shootings occurred because of hate, not drugs.

Drug abuse… Video games… No it’s plain ole white nationalism

“If drug testing is performed, why are the results not made public?”

Inmates are patients and have confidentiality like any other. Why is the general public entitled to know?

And no, inmates can’t be compelled to submit a sample for even HIV testing unless a Judge signs a warrant. Even men & women suspected of drunk driving can refuse a breathalyzer (suspension of license, but they can refuse).

Compelling inmates to submit to drug testing isn’t going to happen. And it appears racism was a factor in the mass murders at El Paso.

“Let’s smoke a joint and shoot up a bunch of innocent people,” said no one ever.

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The El Paso shooter literally left a manual explaining why he did it. Then he told detectives why he did it.

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Well, one of them was anyway.

Ok but mental illness…video games…environmentalism