Venezuela oil production in free fall

Article on Venezuela releasing local oil executives but also includes an bit about it’s oil production falling even as prices rise. All the power a leftist wants and they can’t even run an oil industry.

“Meanwhile, the country’s oil industry is sinking deeper and deeper. Production is in free fall, the lowest in many decades, and exports are under threat now, too, as PDVSA cannot load the contracted cargos in full after ConocoPhillips seized a string of export assets in the Caribbean. This forced the Venezuelan company to redirect tankers to its own ports, which lack the necessary loading capacity to avoid delays.”

And don’t miss our host article…

It’s interesting these kooky fixations some posters have here with like a really specific thing. This dude with Venezuela and Thinkman with CNN…


I would ask about Venezuela’s problems and the left would blame falling oil prices. Well, now the oil prices are back up and it’s still chaos, starvation and death down there…

Notice the left starts blaming me for bringing up Venezuela. As if they are a victim of learning the truth about socailsim.

You don’t care about people suffering?

Lefty don’t care about the children starving down there. It’s none of their concern.

Dictators are bad

Republicans dont care about straving child in America

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Like in Cuba?

We don’t have any.

Have i ever praised cuba?

I’m sure you have… Probably, there medical system…

so you have nothing.


And yes, Hannity bot, that is the reply I intended.

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Just build more McDonald’s. That’s what Cratic will tell you to do.

Ha…I never really thought of it in those terms, but you are quite right.

Yes, no starving kids in that article…

There are about 14 million of them

That it is not the same as being on the left or a liberal here…so after hearing you talk about leftism in relation to American Liberals or the American Left…I just walk the other direction. Like I will right after I push enter on my key board.

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