Utah newspapers slam GOP’s Mia Love for 'deliberately deceptive' mailers

"The latest government-paid mailer features a quote in large letters attributed to The Salt Lake Tribune that supports Love’s environmental positions. The quote actually came from an opinion piece she wrote herself in the paper as a guest columnist.

Love never mentions the quote in the Tribune is her own, marking the second time in a week a Utah publication has complained about Love presenting an opinion piece misleadingly."


She says a paper supports her when she wrote the opinion piece herself. Did she really think no one would notice???

that’s hilarious. the definition of fake news.

Lying, about even the most easily identifiable things, is obviously en vogue.

Can’t blame her. Most people never bother to study an entire issue.

We live in the information age where we can learn so much and yet so many grow in ignorance preferring to have their ideas reinforced.

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