Useless Information

Went to Lowe’s and bought some grass seed and wheat straw for a reconstructive lawn project …

I’m going to Home Despot tomorrow.

Also bought two bags of charcoal for the charcoal grill …

I hope that sometime maybe by july our snow is melted and I can break out the BBQ grill

Was a high of 24 yesterday. Today it was 54 and will get to 65 over the weekend. Love the Midwest.

I’m going to buy mulch.

My cat just stares at me.

ETA: I don’t understand this thread.

Eating 27 tubes of tooth paste can kill you.
Same with 480 bananas or 27 teaspoons of salt.
Today i am doing none of the above.

Tilled the garden, ready to plant …

We are expecting highs near 100F this week while some of you continue to deal with snow.

This may sound like a good deal to you, but when it’s 115F in three months and your shoes melt to the asphalt, trust me - it ain’t.

I hate cold weather, but sure don’t like 100 degree weather either!!!:open_mouth:


I bitch year round. Too cold…too hot…too windy…too wet…too snowy…too muddy. Where I live all of it brings new challenges.

Can’t complain about today … Sunny and 68.

On the ranch, come July thru September, we work 8 am till 8 pm in 100+ temps. I know how you feel. Hate Southwest Summer.

Watched The Price Is Right today …

Northeast winds to 15 on the reservation

Home Despot?

Yup, I sometimes buy tools at Horror Freight.

I see you what you did there! Too funny! :grin: