USA UNLEASHED: Target CEO Says Economy BEST ‘I’ve Seen in My Career’

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The American economy continued to roar to life under President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress this week, with Target CEO Brian Cornell saying it’s the strongest he’s “seen in his career.”

Cornell was speaking with industry insiders on a conference call Wednesday when he praised the robust recovery; adding “shares are surging” months after the Republican-sponsored tax cuts.

“There’s no doubt that, like others, we’re currently benefiting from a very strong consumer environment — perhaps the strongest I’ve seen in my career,” said Cornell.

“We’re seeing a great consumer response … unprecedented traffic. As we go back and look, we’ve never seen traffic growth like this,” he added.

The public praise comes just weeks after new economic data showed the US economy grew a staggering 4.1% in the second quarter of 2018.

Read the full report at CNBC.

Considering that libs insured us that Trump was going to tank our economy if he was elected.

Then they said Trump trade war was going to collapse our economy and set us back decades.

Once again libs don’t know what they’re talking about.

Things in this country are better than they have been in decades. It blows me away that in November, people may vote to return to failed liberal policies. Crazy ■■■■ going on here.

I have to laugh at libs saying trade war is costing jobs…but yet every single news outlet including the left-wing radical one have admitted there are more job available then ever before…that included manufacturing jobs as well.

So much for that trade war is hurting American people.