Us embassy in seoul unveils black lives matter

a huge black lives matter banner was unfurled by the us embassy in seoul
its not the first time the embassy has done something liek this.
last year they displayed a pride banner after being told they couldnt fly a pride flag

I wonder how trump and pompeo will react…


not cool…

actually very cool


The ambassador, although highly qualified for the position, has lost his ■■■■■■■ mind.

i hope they respond by pointing out that BLM doesnt actually give two ■■■■■ about black lives.

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I hope who ever responsible is fired and thrown out of the building…,head first.

I was thinking this earlier.

What would be really funny they build statures of black lives matter. And then 50/100 years they would be tearing em down for same reason libs are destroying other pieces of history.

That would be poetic justice.

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Those responsible should immediately be recalled and fired.

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Think of it as a new “Jobs Program”.

Build’m one week, tear’m down the next.

Start over Every other Monday.

As builder…and somewhat of artist I find their behavior very disturbing.

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As and American and Soldier I find it deeply disturbing on numerous levels.

Nobody gets to make such a decision other than the POTUS, because our Embassies are a direct extension of the Executive Branch wherever they are.

Yup. Even if you alter it a bit by saying “all live matter”…or even “all black lives matter” the OP would be demanding execution of those that were responsible.

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