US budget deficit jumps 23% through June

We need the Tea Party people, both here and nationally, to rise up and act. They need to protest deficit and tell Trump and Republicans wipe out the deficit and debt (as Trump promised to do).

Everyone agree?

Hell Ya!!!

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Now seems like a perfect time to:

  1. Free college
  2. Free healthcare for illegals
  3. Reparations

Might as well Trump just thinks if you run out…just print more right.

Trump worshipers will ignore this.

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Will the TEA Party call out a white president?


They called out Obama.

Yes they did.

Why stop there? If a little free stuff is good, then a lot of free stuff is even better. We should make everything free. Without money, there would be no rich people or poor people, WE’D ALL BE EQUAL! Utopia achieved!!

I’m still trying to find a tea party rally. Not having a whole lot of luck here…


They’re all away at the University of Free

How about rolling back tax cuts?


Nope. That’s my money.

It wasn’t a question mind you.

My kids future…

Citizens should pledge to not pay taxes, until the government reduces spending 10%.

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Minded. :wink:

The king of debt!

they will aggressively excuse it.

they’re just like him now.

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Yup. They’re proud of it, actually.