Urban Meyer to Reire

Ohio State Buckeyes Urban Meyer is set to retire following the Rose Bowl.

I wonder if this have to do something with his ex-assistant who was accused with abusing his wife.

You wondering is not correct. He has problems with migraines. Sometimes they put him down on his knees during games. It’s a health issue.

New North Carolina coach Mack Brown, who spoke with Meyer this morning, told CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd that Meyer’s health was a primary concern. Meyer fought through painful headaches and was visibly struggling during games this season, occasionally rubbing his head and bending over. He admitted during the year that a previously-revealed congenital arachnoid cyst on his brain was causing him problems once again – he previously had surgery on it in 2014 – but said that he was managing the pain and planned to coach next year.

Health reasons. Announced in December.

Sorry to hear that.

It can be an incapacitating problem.

I hope he finds relief through conventional and/or alternative medicine.

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Actually, considering the cause, I’m not sure it’s migraine he has

It appears also he is proceeding to an administrative position with the university.